Saturday, September 24, 2011

Its a plane, no, a bird, itsssssssssssssss me.

WHATSAAP BITCHES! DON'T YOU JUST MISS THEALLBIGCAPSLOCKGIRL? I sure do. This is one of the awkward moments where I blog thinking there are actually people out there reading my no life posts O>O Oh well, we all have to start from somewhere :) So if there are people out there reading, give your selves a round of a golf applause. cheehhhhwaaa. I cant remember when was the last time i blogged and I'm too lazy to actually check so i assume its been a lifetime long. Gosh my youth is slowly deteriorating. Time flew by so darn quickly, it was too fast that i could barely finish filling up my driving license application, i always get caught up with deciding if i would have to fill it in with block letters or not (DO YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY?) Or maybe its because I'm not even applicable to fill in one. But i cant wait till i can get behind the wheel of..

Expectation ;
my convertible Mercedes with mah Gucci shades on, my victoria secret's model like hair rhythmically flowing with the wind, sipping Starbuck's extra chocolate mocha frappuccino, blasting club music on the rad, me looking like a million buck's babe and oh yeah all them white boys would be whistling for my time of day.

In reality ;
my chaplak secondhand proton/myveee with mah cotton on rm 50 shades on, my tornado/tsunami/hurricane hit like hair is the most blown with just the blardy noisy car's air conditioning, sipping moldy water, awkward titanic songs tunes playing, me looking like KK lah around rm10 babe and oh no all them creepy rempits/drivers starring at me at traffic lights screaming EHHH ah miuuuuuu.

Don't know about you, but i'm excited! :D Enough blabbing, gotta get back to studying noaaaaaaaa. AHHHHHHHHH end term is in exactly 2 weeks from now. Are you ready? i sure am not. But i'll make it HOPEFULLY. Yessireee.

Buy everyone.
State your prices bitches.

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

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