Wednesday, November 18, 2009


HEYPEEPS! finally -________- You may think this blog sudah mati loh, but its not! I'm planing to keep it alive for a few days (yes peoples yes, that long) and after that, i leave it to rot for exactly 365 1/4 days till it turns to pickle like the ones in my cheese burger! Well what can i say, i'm berdedikasi la :D
*insert borat accent*

ATTENTION PEOPLE! eh shadup la
I've an announcement to make, its freakingly important i realise I'M AS HOT AS MEGAN FOX *coughcough Hell yes i am. There has been so much buzz about the movie JENNIFER'S BODY, i think its pretty crappy tho *gasp* NO OFFENCE guys;) but i have to admit, she is HOT . And I'm sure every guy in this polluted planet would die to watch it right:D i mean come on, boobs, bodies, sex, and girl fights, who could ask for more? probably aris wouldXD I Shall BERTANDING with her AHAH

WARNING- Below are harmful graphics that may cause overdose of hotness to its reader XD

TAAADAAAAAAA, i'm super proud of myself right now!


i spent AGES doing both of these blardy pictures!
Yes i'm that free -__-
I'm super yellow and orange, well i AM chinese :D:D

Kinda lazy to elaborate after spending all my time just doing 2 pictures, Very hard work okay! Hehe, i'm happy for a certain reason. Maybe cause i look so damn good in those pictures HHA lala!

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos denuevo
-till the next time we meet again

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