Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey yo! told you i'd blog;)
Last night, I watched Twilight on HBO for like the 3rd time! Hmm but overall is was Okay, nothing great, it didn't make my jump on feet or make me tear. What I didnt like about it was why must the setting have to be all dark and gloomy?? its wayyy too emoish for me. i'm a happy person:)

1# Random fact about Melmel:

'I tend to get emotional at times when I watch sad/happy/scary shows. Confession! I cried in 'Kungfu Panda' hehe embarrassed* yesyes i know but master shifu was about to die! I couldnt help it:P'

OKAY back to the topic. As all of you should know, New Moon is coming out soon in like 2 days ( BE PATIENT PEOPLE) like seriously freaking control yourselves! I dont see what's all the fuss about it though, its just an ordinary vampire movie. I know some people are going to hate me for saying this but.. oh well. And i wonder why they called it New Moon and why not New Sun? According to my brilliant cousin, she said it is because wolfs come out in the NIGHT and Jacob is like the new IT character kegeditgedit?. And I think the main reason why girls go GOGOGAGA over the movie is because;

a) VAMPIRE Edward is super hot, he's "the perfect boyfriend" blah etc. According to like EVERYONE.
(I don't think he's hot though, he looks weird. YES hate me)
b) WOLF Jacob is also so freaking hot, sexy, buff etc.
(I cant fight about this one because I TOTALLY AGREE)

I WANNA BE IN THE MOVIE! I get to be all emo hehe. The show needs me anyway, to spice things up! I'll be like the black hair bimbotic girl with the blardy squeaky voice. I've been practicing with my bimbo partners, DANI/VIC/JEAN/KIMBALLY? lately!

"like OOMYGODDT, youre toetally dumpin' mei?"
"Like OMMGEE are you callin' mei fake?"

I'm goood:D

I NEED A BIMBO NAME! *Believe it or not, I goggled it and took

What's your bimbo cheerleader name??

yes I did:D

The ones that had been suggested;

Candy? (sounds sweet) Crystal? (sound crystally) Monique? (sounds slutty) KIMBARLEY?? (sounds retarded like its owner)!!



You're sweet and bubbly and act innocent all the time. You're also airheady, and almost childish. Guys seem to eat this up and half the school has a crush on you. FYI, buy a shirt a size bigger, honey, cause that one can't hold it in anymore. Stop sucking in you tummy!!!!

it would do:D


WARNING- Below are harmful graphics that may cause overdose of EYESORES to its reader XD

see me? see me?
free as always:D

This blogger thingi is superrr laggy! Thats all for now:)

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos denuevo
-till the next time we meet again


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