Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 in 1!

Hey guys and girls:D (people seem to get offended when I only say 'guys', I DONT MEAN IT LITERALLY!)
This post was suppose to be up like a week back, but what can I say, I'm diligent! Its not like you waited for a month rightt? And what's a week to you right right? hah?OhMiGosh, guess what! I actually watched New Moon on the its first day!(look people, its not like I'm vampire freak or anything)Well what can i say, it was PURE OKAYNESS, But one thing I have to say is that it was way better than Twilight, there was definitely more excitement and heart pumping action, but the movie obviously needed bimbo Sally. I mean come on, what movie doesn't:D And Jacob was AMAZINGLY HOT! Nice hair dude (when I mean hot I mean all sweaty and sexy.. oh crap i'm getting horny WTF) I cant describe how scrumptious he looked in New Moon, drooling all over dani(kesian) He was like a chunk of caramelchocolate!! Can you just imagine me licking the screen? Yumyum. We had pretty good 'couple' sits thanks to honghong:D

LIKE OMGEEE this has nothing to do with the reviews and if you read this, you probably think I'm some psycho woman laughing to herself but it is hillarious! You might not think its that funny but oh well! Sue me, my mom is a lawyer(are you getting scared now huh huh?) Anways I wanted to write another word for MALE and I goggled it on yahoo, (yes i did) And I agree with some girl with the IP name of "tragic_love" answer!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 100% agreeedd
okay enough already!

Melissa: FANTASTICO!! boleh tahan la.
Dani: Jacob is so Fking HOT (LIKE HELL YEAH!)
Hong: -havent heard from her yet, seee la hong why never reply my message? or did you?-
aMirmir: stupid ending, went wow with jacob's body, hated edward and err retarded movie.
Sushil: Not bad, quite good, enjoyed it:D (YAY)
Darren: Story boring, the people are nice (nice??) Especially Edward and Bella:) (romanticnya)
kuan yen: Ok la, but the ending so potong and jacob is hot (agreed)

*There are more! but forgetful Melissa is .. well forgetful:)

I want to know what YOU, yes you, think of the movie New Moon, so commentcomment! Its notlikeI'm desperate to
keep my chatbox alive rightright? BIMBO! AH screw it:D
and guess what! i finaly know what
means! thanks to 2 dear friends of mine, I probably wont say(technically is write but who cares right?) him and her name on my blog , maybe because they're too embarrassed
to carry around the label of bimbo SALLY's friend
(life is tough yo) HAHAHHAA (no laughing cause it hurts)
And to be honest, I somewhat thought it meant a really
bad word in chinese or indian:D I've been seeing fair bit of it everywhere, and I got curious of what it meant! And
also because I think there are people out there inadvertently using it!

Okay, i'm starting to crap, so for those who haven't watch New Moon gogogo now! But there is nothing to ablaze about, but do watch it, Its waiting for you:D And for those who don't know what LMAO means, well you do now:D
hope you enjoyed my long annoying post:D

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

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