Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mavis lab

haha. i was looking through my pictures album and 
i came across some pictures of me and kim lala-ing
(a lesbo,perv whom i sit next to. imagine spending 5 hours 5 days a week with herXD ) 
at school in,
MAVIS lab,place,bistro,mamak,restaurant, gay bar
HAHAHA jinzhi funnyla you

were we camwhoring? nahhh. we dont camwhore right kim??
brace yourself people this is going to get ugly/pretty
don't mind the blurness of the pictures because
 it was took by my pathetic cameraphone -.-

osama and saddam hussain

2 cempakass
penolong ketua class,ketua kecerian and ketua class
it was meant to be mann :D

hey look at jin zhi's nose hole HAHA

playing dead huh?

and thats about it.

random thought
shawn :how to spell goose?
shawn: my cheap ass phone has no goose in it!

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till next time we meet again-

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