Friday, March 20, 2009

Rapping yoo

For those of you who havent watched the video

"bon qui qui in king burger"

on Youtube ....where have you been man!?!
 seriously its a must watch, you will laugh YOUR HEAD OFF!

 for those who did, i got the rap lyrics! *insert an indian accent "SUCCESS";D
famous lines of all time
'girl i cut him oh yes i did girl' & 'dont interrupt ..RUDE'

goodtimes goodtimes

'welcome to king burger we can do it your way but dont get crazy'
'oh now you want em cheese?' 'sekureti sekureti you need to go need to go'
'sir do not get loud with me oh no do not get loud with me ehuh ehuh'
-black diva's voice-

okay back to the point here are the lyrics, have fun rapping yoo, but dont get crazy! haha inside joke* rap with me now -beatboxing-..

On the mic is a queen
Now listen to me sing
He wants a number 3 super size oninon rings
He can come out the house with no ankle braclet on.
But he's got 2 strikes so don't get his order wrong.
You know I'm looking cute and there is nothin you can say.
But If you get with me we can do it your way 

you go girl

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till next time we meet again-

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