Saturday, March 21, 2009

Super Woman

yup thats me

sup people! i'm going to be preety busy most of the time and my dad is going to be the devil and put a password on the computer -.-" its for my own good tho.

dad:"Melissa you are destroying your life, 
if you go down this road you can never turn back"
melissa:'yes daddy, i'm sorry' -puppy eyes-

so dont expect me to blog much BUT do visit my blog every once in awhile. maaf yah
that means i'm going to abondon my blog untill something 
exciting happens or when i get a 
chance to use the computer. finger cross people

being creative

omg and guess what, i have no maid now that my mom sent my old one home 
thank god! opps i meant buddha thank buddha!
and now 
i have to do the cleaning,washing,sweaping,mopping,cooking,ironing,
watering and yah thats basically it. Aint it fun.
i'm power woman! now i'm the mummy in the house. 
dont you just love me mummy??

i love sweaping now that i got the 101 professional cleaning broom. 
So awesome, seriouslynot kidding. SUPER fun to use 
HAHA 2 thumbs up for whoever that invented it.
okay i gotta take out the clothes form the washing machine and put them out to dry now.

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till next time we meet again-

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