Saturday, September 24, 2011

Its a plane, no, a bird, itsssssssssssssss me.

WHATSAAP BITCHES! DON'T YOU JUST MISS THEALLBIGCAPSLOCKGIRL? I sure do. This is one of the awkward moments where I blog thinking there are actually people out there reading my no life posts O>O Oh well, we all have to start from somewhere :) So if there are people out there reading, give your selves a round of a golf applause. cheehhhhwaaa. I cant remember when was the last time i blogged and I'm too lazy to actually check so i assume its been a lifetime long. Gosh my youth is slowly deteriorating. Time flew by so darn quickly, it was too fast that i could barely finish filling up my driving license application, i always get caught up with deciding if i would have to fill it in with block letters or not (DO YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY?) Or maybe its because I'm not even applicable to fill in one. But i cant wait till i can get behind the wheel of..

Expectation ;
my convertible Mercedes with mah Gucci shades on, my victoria secret's model like hair rhythmically flowing with the wind, sipping Starbuck's extra chocolate mocha frappuccino, blasting club music on the rad, me looking like a million buck's babe and oh yeah all them white boys would be whistling for my time of day.

In reality ;
my chaplak secondhand proton/myveee with mah cotton on rm 50 shades on, my tornado/tsunami/hurricane hit like hair is the most blown with just the blardy noisy car's air conditioning, sipping moldy water, awkward titanic songs tunes playing, me looking like KK lah around rm10 babe and oh no all them creepy rempits/drivers starring at me at traffic lights screaming EHHH ah miuuuuuu.

Don't know about you, but i'm excited! :D Enough blabbing, gotta get back to studying noaaaaaaaa. AHHHHHHHHH end term is in exactly 2 weeks from now. Are you ready? i sure am not. But i'll make it HOPEFULLY. Yessireee.

Buy everyone.
State your prices bitches.

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



I'm busy YO.

Disneyland unleashes the inner retardation in you,
and here's mine.


Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Heyhey its been awhile since I did a tag (what a burden), people just don't like tagging me, or maybe I just don't have many friends:( Oh well who needs them right?? NOT (I swear love you hong hehe) I find comfort in knowing at least she likes me:D (baby i know) YAY! But I dont exactly enjoy tags, their pretty boring, so if I were you I would press the 'X' button on your top right hand corner and move on. But for those who are interested, do read;)

'Un-Tag' 10 people :
1.Tan Hong Yee
2.Davinia Kulendrian
3.Kimberly Tan
4.Amir Syarifuddeen
5.Natalie Siew
6.Sushil Dhev
7.Lo Kuan Yen
8.Darren Chin
9.Liew Zee Jiun
10.Rebecca Ong
-for those who have been tagged before this, theres no reason for you to do it again:)-

1. What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you? [Liew Zee Jiun]
FUYOH GG.COM (wakakakaka)

2. Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to? [Kimberly Tan]
Like Duh, we're lesbians:D (kim, you better say this too, before i wack you kaokao)

3. Is 7 single? [Lo Kuan Yen]
She la! never tell me!

4. Describe 1.[Tan Hong Yee]
SHE IS DAMN BLARDY FUNNY not forgetting extremely pretty! and uberly caring:) (thanks for tagging:D:D:D:D:D::D)

5. Will you date 8? [Darren Chin]
Hes taken:D pak toh-ing in japan

6. What is 2's nickname? [Davinia Kulendrian]
Dani kedonkey woman AHAHA

7. What do you wish to tell 10 right now ? [Rebecca Ong]
PLAY FISHVILLE AND BE MY NEIGHBOUR (I'll get to buy a new fish tank! mine's full:(, so fastfastfast)

8. What is 5 good in? [Natalie Siew]
Basketball freak:P

9. If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be? [Amir Syarifuddeen]
Slap him (YES), ask him to faster ajak pegi makan!

10. Have you seen 1 cry ? [Tan Hong Yee]
She's tough man! Dont playplay, not like me:( DAMN!

11. Is 2 crazy or geeky? [Davinia Kulendrian]
She is crazily geeky:D:D:D:D:D

12. Will you hold 7's hand and walk around? [Lo Kuan Yen]
Yes we do it all the time, when youre not looking:) SCANDAL

13. What do you think of 6? [Sushil Dhev]
HAHEHO <-yup thats him:D seeeee i'm nice:)

14. Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park? [Kimberly Tan]
Okay i'm not that lesbo, probably she'll wanna kiss me since i'm irresistible

15. Is 8 sweet? [Darren Chin]
I've never taste him before HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH probably sweaty, since he likes to work out:D

16. What is 9's hobby? [Liew Zee Jiun]
GAMING, haih boys boys..

17. Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant? [Rebecca Ong]
DUHHH!, but shes paying right? (hahahahaha)

18. Is 5 fitted to be a maid? [Natalie Siew]
Yes!!!! (You can clean coach's house for me:D)

19. When it started raining, who will you seek for an umbrella ?
seek for the umbrella man:)

20. Where would you go with 1 on a date ? [Tan Hong Yee]
Yes!!! i wanna makan la:D

OKAY! spank em', thats about it, I'm flying off tomorrow:D I'll see you guys next year!!( If i ever do:) Do enjoy your holidays! And like what Natalie Tran says "be safe, be well, eat fruit and remember if a stranger offers you candy, follow him because he might know where there are shit laods of it more" BYEEEEEE

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Cherry cherry
Boom boom

Heyhey! Obsession with Lady Gaga's song are going around these days, songs filled with eh eh, mum mum mum mah, da da doo doo-mm and all kinds of bizarre noises. I'm not too keen on her lyrics though, its surprisingly horrible! But I have to say she looks intriguing to me, may not be in a good way! Mummy would probably be like, "Girl, why are you in obsess with a freak? And I thought you like that Hana Montona girl?" ME, "I hate to break it to you mummey, but she turned into a internet sensational slut that takes separuh bogel pictures. And keep your mouth close mummey, after fly go in how?" HAH There you have it Miley Cryus fans!!


"oh mileymiley no smileys for you!"


GAGA, she is preternatural when it comes to clothing or at anything at all. She is either wearing too MUCH or too LITTLE (or probably wearing nothing at all) She not only wears cloth or fabric! The GAGA takes fashion to a whole new level. I'm talking about metal, plastic, glass and practically EVERYTHING! Well, its not like I'm going all crazynuts over her until I'm trying to 'look' like her (rightsarcasmright) like pfft am i right huah am i heh. I'm cool.. but I find her fascinating! Oh how I wish I can pull of the GAGA look (only certain ones, which includes enough fabric) HAH! Yes, i know I know, I'm weird. But you know what, that's cool guys doubt with it from day one XD *plays Melissa's birth footage : "EWW is that hair on her butt?"*. But that's fine, all about years a practice. ANYWAYS lookey:D

Bird nest soup is totally expensive, but this is totally priceless!
Before After
Hit it like a man!

There are plenty where that came from!!

The Boobie Tape/Titi's exposey?
At least we know hers ain't sagging.

As the saying always goes "Katak diatas baju gaga/saya".

Hehlo? boleh tengok tak?
Spank em.

*POOP expose*

At least we know hers are electrifying..HAH.

Red Snake/Lizard thingi.
no comment.



I bet you wanna be hello kitty right now, don't cha;)
touch me boddeh.
thats about it:D YAY

Okay! Hope you enjoyed all the piccy, I know I did. Actually I dont, I feel deeply mentally disturb. I think I'm gonna find mummey:( Byeeeee.

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos denuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

so commentcommentcomment

Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 in 1!

Hey guys and girls:D (people seem to get offended when I only say 'guys', I DONT MEAN IT LITERALLY!)
This post was suppose to be up like a week back, but what can I say, I'm diligent! Its not like you waited for a month rightt? And what's a week to you right right? hah?OhMiGosh, guess what! I actually watched New Moon on the its first day!(look people, its not like I'm vampire freak or anything)Well what can i say, it was PURE OKAYNESS, But one thing I have to say is that it was way better than Twilight, there was definitely more excitement and heart pumping action, but the movie obviously needed bimbo Sally. I mean come on, what movie doesn't:D And Jacob was AMAZINGLY HOT! Nice hair dude (when I mean hot I mean all sweaty and sexy.. oh crap i'm getting horny WTF) I cant describe how scrumptious he looked in New Moon, drooling all over dani(kesian) He was like a chunk of caramelchocolate!! Can you just imagine me licking the screen? Yumyum. We had pretty good 'couple' sits thanks to honghong:D

LIKE OMGEEE this has nothing to do with the reviews and if you read this, you probably think I'm some psycho woman laughing to herself but it is hillarious! You might not think its that funny but oh well! Sue me, my mom is a lawyer(are you getting scared now huh huh?) Anways I wanted to write another word for MALE and I goggled it on yahoo, (yes i did) And I agree with some girl with the IP name of "tragic_love" answer!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 100% agreeedd
okay enough already!

Melissa: FANTASTICO!! boleh tahan la.
Dani: Jacob is so Fking HOT (LIKE HELL YEAH!)
Hong: -havent heard from her yet, seee la hong why never reply my message? or did you?-
aMirmir: stupid ending, went wow with jacob's body, hated edward and err retarded movie.
Sushil: Not bad, quite good, enjoyed it:D (YAY)
Darren: Story boring, the people are nice (nice??) Especially Edward and Bella:) (romanticnya)
kuan yen: Ok la, but the ending so potong and jacob is hot (agreed)

*There are more! but forgetful Melissa is .. well forgetful:)

I want to know what YOU, yes you, think of the movie New Moon, so commentcomment! Its notlikeI'm desperate to
keep my chatbox alive rightright? BIMBO! AH screw it:D
and guess what! i finaly know what
means! thanks to 2 dear friends of mine, I probably wont say(technically is write but who cares right?) him and her name on my blog , maybe because they're too embarrassed
to carry around the label of bimbo SALLY's friend
(life is tough yo) HAHAHHAA (no laughing cause it hurts)
And to be honest, I somewhat thought it meant a really
bad word in chinese or indian:D I've been seeing fair bit of it everywhere, and I got curious of what it meant! And
also because I think there are people out there inadvertently using it!

Okay, i'm starting to crap, so for those who haven't watch New Moon gogogo now! But there is nothing to ablaze about, but do watch it, Its waiting for you:D And for those who don't know what LMAO means, well you do now:D
hope you enjoyed my long annoying post:D

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos de nuevo
-till the next time we meet again-

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey yo! told you i'd blog;)
Last night, I watched Twilight on HBO for like the 3rd time! Hmm but overall is was Okay, nothing great, it didn't make my jump on feet or make me tear. What I didnt like about it was why must the setting have to be all dark and gloomy?? its wayyy too emoish for me. i'm a happy person:)

1# Random fact about Melmel:

'I tend to get emotional at times when I watch sad/happy/scary shows. Confession! I cried in 'Kungfu Panda' hehe embarrassed* yesyes i know but master shifu was about to die! I couldnt help it:P'

OKAY back to the topic. As all of you should know, New Moon is coming out soon in like 2 days ( BE PATIENT PEOPLE) like seriously freaking control yourselves! I dont see what's all the fuss about it though, its just an ordinary vampire movie. I know some people are going to hate me for saying this but.. oh well. And i wonder why they called it New Moon and why not New Sun? According to my brilliant cousin, she said it is because wolfs come out in the NIGHT and Jacob is like the new IT character kegeditgedit?. And I think the main reason why girls go GOGOGAGA over the movie is because;

a) VAMPIRE Edward is super hot, he's "the perfect boyfriend" blah etc. According to like EVERYONE.
(I don't think he's hot though, he looks weird. YES hate me)
b) WOLF Jacob is also so freaking hot, sexy, buff etc.
(I cant fight about this one because I TOTALLY AGREE)

I WANNA BE IN THE MOVIE! I get to be all emo hehe. The show needs me anyway, to spice things up! I'll be like the black hair bimbotic girl with the blardy squeaky voice. I've been practicing with my bimbo partners, DANI/VIC/JEAN/KIMBALLY? lately!

"like OOMYGODDT, youre toetally dumpin' mei?"
"Like OMMGEE are you callin' mei fake?"

I'm goood:D

I NEED A BIMBO NAME! *Believe it or not, I goggled it and took

What's your bimbo cheerleader name??

yes I did:D

The ones that had been suggested;

Candy? (sounds sweet) Crystal? (sound crystally) Monique? (sounds slutty) KIMBARLEY?? (sounds retarded like its owner)!!



You're sweet and bubbly and act innocent all the time. You're also airheady, and almost childish. Guys seem to eat this up and half the school has a crush on you. FYI, buy a shirt a size bigger, honey, cause that one can't hold it in anymore. Stop sucking in you tummy!!!!

it would do:D


WARNING- Below are harmful graphics that may cause overdose of EYESORES to its reader XD

see me? see me?
free as always:D

This blogger thingi is superrr laggy! Thats all for now:)

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos denuevo
-till the next time we meet again


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


HEYPEEPS! finally -________- You may think this blog sudah mati loh, but its not! I'm planing to keep it alive for a few days (yes peoples yes, that long) and after that, i leave it to rot for exactly 365 1/4 days till it turns to pickle like the ones in my cheese burger! Well what can i say, i'm berdedikasi la :D
*insert borat accent*

ATTENTION PEOPLE! eh shadup la
I've an announcement to make, its freakingly important i realise I'M AS HOT AS MEGAN FOX *coughcough Hell yes i am. There has been so much buzz about the movie JENNIFER'S BODY, i think its pretty crappy tho *gasp* NO OFFENCE guys;) but i have to admit, she is HOT . And I'm sure every guy in this polluted planet would die to watch it right:D i mean come on, boobs, bodies, sex, and girl fights, who could ask for more? probably aris wouldXD I Shall BERTANDING with her AHAH

WARNING- Below are harmful graphics that may cause overdose of hotness to its reader XD

TAAADAAAAAAA, i'm super proud of myself right now!


i spent AGES doing both of these blardy pictures!
Yes i'm that free -__-
I'm super yellow and orange, well i AM chinese :D:D

Kinda lazy to elaborate after spending all my time just doing 2 pictures, Very hard work okay! Hehe, i'm happy for a certain reason. Maybe cause i look so damn good in those pictures HHA lala!

Adiós amigos
hasta la próxima vez que nos reunamos denuevo
-till the next time we meet again